Among the West Africans, Many have claimed to say that they cook the best Jollof rice. From Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau,  Gambia, to Nigeria, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire Cape Verde (you get the picture).  Just a fun fact, Jollof derived it name from the Wolof people of Senegal and Wolof is the lingua franca of Senegal and Gambia. So the originators of Jollof rice are Senegal and Gambia. This has not stopped the #jollofwars that has continued since 2016. In all our hearts we all are proud of our countries and believe that we make the best Jollof. Jollof is all about having the right balance of ingredients, proper moisture, texture and flavour. If this is made right, then your Jollof rice is even okay to be eaten alone or teamed with stew. The type of stew that makes you dance with Joy every-time you have a taste.

The Best way to enjoy that delicious Jollof is to add fried plantains. You can never go wrong with plantain and jollof with baked chicken or beef. Your stew can be shrimp stew or beef stew. These photos are foods made by no other but my Salonemama.  This is one staple food that will make your mouth salivate unconsciously and can never get tired of eating it.

Sierra Leone Jollof a mouth-watering delight


8 thoughts on “Jollof

  1. I will forever be biased and say Sierra Leone Jollof is the best. Looking at this picture makes me want to eat it right now. Yummy


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