Mellow Yellow Hello!!!

Styled by janefashionpix

Hello, Pips!

New years was just two weeks ago, so it still safe to post a festive photo. With that said I could not wait to post my New Years Day OOTD (outfit of that day).

Quick story
This look, was initially my Christmas OOTD, but after the whole Canada post fiasco, my NY’s dress which was ordered two months ago from (lousy customer service) was lost in transportation. One out of three items from this website was delivered but not the ones I needed at the time. Anyways long story short, I was able to rearrange looks, and this became my mellow yellow New Years Day assemble.

I am so in love with this Paper-bag high-waisted mustard yellow striped trousers. Try saying that five times (lol). These trousers/pants were not only on sale but fabulous. It was on sale for $10, and the original price was $40. I purchased these trousers from either Marshall’s store or forever21’s outlet, but the funniest thing is the tag reads Ci SONO by Cavalini (which is a wholesale online store.

The best part of this bargain is that I can pair it with everything in my prefall, winter, spring and summer. I paired my pant with a simple white top. I knew I love the colour yellow for a reason, and part of that is, it looks good on all skin types, but on that dark melanin, it glows. I have posted this look on my IG and got positive comments. Of course, my big head didn’t get too cocky, but no one can tell me I wasn’t on point lol.

Thanks for reading, and hope 2019 is a great year for you. Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Hello!!!

  1. Amazing pants … love the way it hugs your curve right. You are right yellow does look good on you.


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