Denim and Red

Stay Original and be the masterpiece and let the world be your canvas.


Red is such a beautiful colour, and it looks incredible on any skin tone. Whether you choose red pants, tops or shoes, these items will always be trendy and hot.

Red styles are trendy, fiery and aren’t going away anytime soon, and it seems to be spreading like wildfire from stores to the streets. Just like any bold colours, it takes practice and knowledge to create the right red look. So stop now if you were planning on wearing every piece of ruby, Ferrari red, scarlet, and rose clothing that you own in your closet. Start simple with one red item and move up slowing; eventually you will be confident and audaciously bold by wearing an all red outfit.

You can rock a great pair of red high-waist pants, with a red blazer, red lace top and red heels of your choice. Only if you are daring to do so, no better time than now when it is trending. Create your own very executive chic. Be the boss lady you are born to be 😆.

All smiles

The colour red usual symbolizes danger, blood, power, love, desire, passion, strength and fire. Speaking of fire these flaming hot ankle boots and top are definitely dangerously stylish.

Red shoes are a great way to upgrade your daily look and polish it to have that sexy appeal. It doesn’t have to be heels, simple red flats or sneakers can have the same effect. Before Payless finally closed, I got these red breathable bootie with a tall stiletto heel and pointed toe on clearance plus closing sale discount. I have worn them twice, and I am in love. After an excellent solid 4hrs of walking, standing and being active, they do tend to hurt, but hey fashion sometimes is painful lol.

From fashionably elegant to sexy ripped denim jeans. I am here to give you that firing, sexy casual appeal; to show you that the colour red is astounding for any events. First, let chat about my first ever ripped jean my sis got from Fashion Nova. I usually stay away from clothing with rips and holes because I am always cold and a slight cold air give me chills and I found ripped jeans too revealing. Yes, I know I have a problem, and sometimes my fashion can be very conservative, but hey that just me. This denim has quite a lot of details and a bit from my comfort zone. other than that I love how it complements well with the red booties and top. Types of Denim should be a staple in our closet, and it the perfect piece to create effortless, fuss-free looks and making the transition from day to night look put together.

It all in the details.

A pair of red shoes does the trick every time!


5 thoughts on “Denim and Red

  1. Another great post! Just in time for the long Canada day weekend. I love the colour red in an outfit. It’s such a vibrant and sexy colour. I will be looking for those boots for my Canada day outfit.


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