The Little Brown Dress

We have heard of the ‘little black dress but what about the ‘little brown dress.’ We all know that the colour brown gets the least recognition. I am not sure, but I got this feeling in my ossein that 2021-2022 fall/winter look-book will have lots of earthy tones, natural colours of different shades of brown, suitable for my melanin kings and queens out there. For my fair/pale skin, it is best to bring colour to your complexion by wearing darker tones of brown. Plus, you can’t go wrong with wearing brown because it reminds us of the outdoors, bringing this colour out of exile. You know the colour brown no longer needs to wait for its debut because Gen Z has adopted the new trend of wearing brown; took this colour that was once seen as unsophisticated to a mainstream daily look that no longer needs to sit and get dusty in our wardrobe. Brown is especially perfect for the fall. Shades such as toffee, walnut, mocha, beige, khaki, coffee, cocoa and dark chocolate were once seen as dull and not appealing to the eyes.

Dress from Shein.

The three primary colours, red, yellow, and blue, are the golden ticket to make brown (a composite colour) when mixed creating beautiful hues. It’s brown’s time to shine, and it gives us a calming warm earthy feel. Fall and winter are perfect seasons to bask and don brown. Don’t be mistaken as brown has many shades, so lighter shades can be worn in the spring to summer transitions.

If you thought it couldn’t get better, wait for it; did you know that brown, just like black is a standalone colour? Check my blog post titled –make them stop and stare” to see more brown hues- in that blog I am wearing an orche-burnt coat and beige dress from @suzyshier. If you are like me and love to look fashionable on a budget, try a brown plaid dress, leopard/snake print with a brown teddy coat or a monochrome walnut sweater dress.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos below. Retrieve from WordPress free image.

  • The Don’t
    • Try to avoid too many colours when layering or playing around with browns.
    • Don’t wear brown shoes with a black belt or black shoes with a brown belt. it gives the idea that you dressed in the dark.

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Earthy Tones

Photography of me taken by my bro-in-law.


10 thoughts on “The Little Brown Dress

  1. I defiantly went back to check out your last post on “ make them stop and stare” I do remember this post and the dress is so pretty. I of course went and got myself something similar.😏😎

    Looking forward to more recommendation.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All you ladies look very beautiful and all the different colour tones are gorgeous.
    Another post 🥳 Reilly feeling spoiled. I defiantly haven’t hard about the little brown dress and this sounds catchy. I didn’t think this types of dresses can be worn in the fall season. I do have brown clothing but the basic brown sweater. I am again on the hunt for a nice brown dress and I can wear at this time.
    Here’s to another shopping day !! 😏😁


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