Hey Everyone, I’m Jane, I’m a firm believer in being who you want to be. I’m a 20 something-year-old enjoying life in Canada. I’m inviting you to take a journey with me while I explore all things natural, fashion, travelling, foods and all-around fun. I am a bit optimistic and enjoy everything family, which can be my weakness at times. I am unique and love to express my personality through fashion, words of wisdom and images. I can be funny, but yet serious, can be dramatic and also spontaneous. Hope my blogs can be inspirational. I am not an expert in fashion, but an expert in originality. I love to feel comfortable but yet fashionable.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself….Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty but humility.

Nelson Mandela (former president of south Africa)

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