Slaying in a pleated Skirt Is A Game Changer.

It can’t get any better, well it can, but at the moment, just the sound of melted snow screams spring is near!. The best way to feel the full effect of Spring is to upgrade your fashion or wardrobe by a tiny gesture that will help raise your style quotient through purchasing your very own pleated skirt. Skirts, in general, can always be in style, but pleated skirts are trending now, well actually they are not quite a trend, because trends are changeable. So let rephrase that a bit, pleated skirts are here to stay and have enamoured women all over the world for years and have helped women feel good and make the right statements. Pleated skirts or pleated anything is the best type of clothing; it is a versatile fashion piece that will suit any occasion, be it casual, vintage, formal or party wear.

I love vintage fashion because it has its way to enchant and add a unique taste to one’s personality. Why not welcome Spring with your version of looks with a pleated skirt as the main attraction of course. Fashion is all about experimenting, with the confidence you can become unstoppable from styling looks that will get people in ‘awe.’ This emerald pleated skirt was my Sunday’s Best this weekend. The skirt, earrings, head-tie and handbag were gifted to me last Christmas 2019. My sister and Bro-in-Law purchased them from shein. Unfortunately, my skirt was not on the site, but the link takes you to similar types of pleated skirts I paired it with a black quarter sleeve top and my favourite classy suede heels from @justfab. This complete look not only feels comfortable and airy. It looked vintage and refined.

If you are like me, ironing becomes your kryptonite. I purposefully go out of my way to look for ways to minimize my ironing. If that explanation was relatable, then look no further because pleated anything does not crinkle/wrinkle and is the best clothing to pack when vacationing. That is my little secret, I purchase clothes that require less maintenance, and perfect for wear and go concept.

Your pleated skirt can be cozy velvet, faux leather midi skirt, gleaming gold or metallic pleated skirt. It can be monochromatic or even a bit feminine with adding a pastel chiffon pleated skirt to your wardrobe. The choice is all yours and yours alone. As I have said earlier in the blog, that I believe that pleated skirts cannot be trends because trends do fade, and these styles of fashion are here to stay. The above image is a quick look at the types of pleated skirt shein has to offer. Images came from there site. Disclaimer, this is not paid advertisement, just expressing my love for affordable wear. With that send, what are you waiting for? head over to and get your affordable pleated skirt.


8 thoughts on “Slaying in a pleated Skirt Is A Game Changer.

  1. I don’t really read blog post but I noticed the pictures of the outfit and I think my wife will love this look especially the skirt. So I had to read . Thanks for posting this.

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  2. I absolutely love this post as a fan of skirts , it is difficult to find the right type of skirt for my body type especially my legs ( thighs ) lol that’s I can wear comfortably. So seeing this is a great. I’ll defiantly be checking for that skirt from the sites mentioned.

    How does it feel on your body? Do you think it will be too hot for summer? Do they have different lengths?

    Hope they not too many questions asked. 😘


    1. Thanks so much for commenting, all feedbacks are welcome.

      It feels amazing, light and loose. Oh no because it so light and breathable it perfect for summer, spring and fall really. During winter all you need is tights to keep you warm. This is why is so versatile and can be worn pretty much all year. Yes have midi, and maxi. Other lengths might have to check the website or others like H&M. Hope this helped.

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