Blazing Blazingly in a Blazer

Let go bold in this autumn and winter weather for 2021/2022.

A little birdie once said “in order to look your very best, and feel your best it better to complement your look with colour”. Colours can go a long way and by adding a bright lively summer zest makes the outfit on point in the cooler months . Try wearing blazers in shades of red, mustard yellow, blue, green, coral, white and brown.

This coral colour is giving me all the heart eyes and is one of my all-time favorite shades for blazers. It perfect for all seasons. Versatile for casual or professional settings.

When I get that feeling,I get textual healing.

It’s wearing it like a dress for me, who does not like cute mini blazer dress. Blazers are so versatile that pairing it with a biker-short or pants with heels or flats can dress it up or down.

Disclaimer: some photos above are taken from free image on WordPress.

So ๐Ÿค” How do you wear your blazers?


8 thoughts on “Blazing Blazingly in a Blazer

  1. What an awesome looking blazer ! All your outfit are so different and beautiful. Wish we had them were I lived :(.

    Thanks for sharing you tasteful style !


  2. I love blazers at every season of each year. I often wear a blazer with a casual outfit, which adds a bit of sophistication. I truly love all the blazers you posted. Particularly the mix colour blazer. It is giving me class, sexy and elegance at once. Thank you for sharing this post. I actually in a need for a blazer.

    Looking for to another great read !



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