Hello, world!

It is funny, because I made this blog account in 2015 and my first blog title was “Hello world”. I never follow up on it until now (2018). I actually didn’t know if I was saying ‘hello world!’ as an intro to inviting the world (social media) to my crazy, fun, unpredictable life or just simply saying hi to whoever needed a greeting. Social media has made us lose our face-to-face interactions, but at the same time has evolved the ideas of connections to a whole new level. I am a 90s baby so capturing the moments were base on memories and my dad’s old filmed camera. The way family members got to see our memories was through family gathering scrolling through albums or mail (post-mail) the kind you wait by your window for the postman to walk to your doorsteps.

I am glad to see a positive change in society, and I am delighted to join that sense of changing to start a blog to inspire, be a role model, be fun and adventurous through knowledge, fashion, arts, music and dance to those who can be encouraged.

So Hello World! Kusheh Wɝld! Bonjour le Monde! 안녕 세계 (annyeong Segye), Hola Mundo! Ndewo Ụwa!.


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