Jambalaya Roseè Pasta

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


To be honest, when it comes to cooking it is all about how great of an imagination you have, and how far you would go to explore and experiment new ideas and creating it into a masterpiece.

If you are a foodie like me, well then your arsenal will be filled with various recipes of different types of foods. Your creative mind stretching far beyond your imagination giving you the freedom to create meals from different cultures around the world. A foodie like me would either want to try all of it or make it.

This is a quick 45 mins meal that I created two weeks ago. I used only what I could find in my freezer and fridge. this homemade meal is a lovely way to enjoy pasta and a new way to have jambalaya for all my pasta lovers. This family style meal can bring everyone to the table and experience the great joy of sharing and reminiscing.

I love one pot or pan dishes because of how easy and fun it is to do. On the plus side fewer dishes to wash after devouring the food.

  1. Start by chopping dicing your sweet peppers (x2), scallions (leaf onions), mushrooms, Large carrots (x4), tomatoes and hot peppers (Jamaican ball papers) if you love spicy food.
  2. I then seasoned my shrimps with chill pepper flakes, black pepper, tsp of cajun, Himalaya salt, parsley, Italian seasoning and cayenne pepper.
  3. Have your stove to five and saute the shrimps until the exterior is pink with red tails and the flesh is slightly opaque and a little “white” in colour and remove and put in a bowl. 
  4. In the same skillet add your chopped or diced onions, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and hot peppers until onions become translucent, sweet peppers are shimmery.
  5. Next, add the full bottle of rosee sauce and 1/3 of tomato pasta sauce. I then add my oven baked spicy Italian sausages and put back the shrimps and let it simmer.
  6. When the spiral and bow tie vegetable pasta is cooked, add them to the skillet and mix.

Enjoy a warm bowl of Jambalaya rosee shrimp pasta!!


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