New Year, Same me.

And so the adventure begins…..The rest is still unwritten, and the best is yet to come. The year 2022!! Since the start of Covid, I no longer focus on new year resolutions or approach them at all. I realized there are way more significant and daunting achievements to complete in 2022, and I would prefer not to put pressure/stress on myself. In my childhood/adolescence years, … Continue reading New Year, Same me.

Black on Black Elegance without looking Drab!

Stubborn on vision and flexible on details Black on black is the best monochromatic look that will never be under suspension. It is a look that even the fashion police may repeatedly compliment because it has become one of the most flattering chicest outfit combinations known to the fashion world. If the Gen Z’s love the look and street-style bloggers made it their everyday … Continue reading Black on Black Elegance without looking Drab!

A Birthday Milestone! πŸŽ‚

Last year, luckily, I celebrated the end of my 20’s without the pandemic as my birthday falls in January. After my birthday, it seems like the whole world turned upside down. Literally?. Who remembers the absurd craze on purchasing toilet paper. It is still a shock that toilet paper would be on the top of the list out of all other necessities. Like really, shortage … Continue reading A Birthday Milestone! πŸŽ‚

Slaying in a pleated Skirt Is A Game Changer.

It can’t get any better, well it can, but at the moment, just the sound of melted snow screams spring is near!. The best way to feel the full effect of Spring is to upgrade your fashion or wardrobe by a tiny gesture that will help raise your style quotient through purchasing your very own pleated skirt. Skirts, in general, can always be in style, … Continue reading Slaying in a pleated Skirt Is A Game Changer.

Make them Stop and Stare

Fall in love with this look. As the fall weather gets settled and comfortable, it is our turn to fully get cozy and comfy, too, with our favourite fall pieces from sweater dresses, booties, blazers to fresh outerwear trends like cardigans, jackets, scarfs and hats. During the fall season, there are so many reasons to get excited about; One- Thanksgiving is a few days away. … Continue reading Make them Stop and Stare