Pop of Colour

Boldly Be a Pop of Colour In a Black and White world.

It never to late to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. A splash of colour can add a lot of life to an ordinary look. From bold shoes to that almost perfect brilliant dress to the various options of vibrant accessories, all you need is to pick one and explore the great joy of having colour in your life.


Some of you may wonder and ask when is the right time to add colour? The answer to that is there isn’t a right time, it when you feel like being spontaneous or in a lively mood.

Burgundy Knee-high boots
The best way to add a pop of colour to your look is simply wearing neutral tones, monochromatic outfits or put on your little black dress. When adding a splash of colour, try minimizing it by keeping it classy and do not overwhelm your look.
My look today started with putting my best foot forward and pairing my burgundy wine boots from Justfab with my oversize beige sweater and black leggings. If the pop of colour comes from the handbag, try to make sure that the bag is in proportion to the frame of your body.


Even your hair can join in on the fun! Just like what I did in this look. my hair being the same colour as my shoes was just a coincidence.


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